Vanilla Wafers Day

Vanilla Wafers Day isn’t actually about vanilla wafers, but you can definitely enjoy some on this very day.

I wanted to create a day for awareness of communication difficulties between partners. I set the date for March 25 because that was the day my ex partner and I had such bad communication about the silliest thing, vanilla wafers, and ended our three year relationship. He wanted to marry me prior to that day. The story is kind of long and it’s absolutely ludicrous, so if you want context for the event, you can click on the link to Thank you, Stranger at Chili’s! below:

Thank you, stranger at Chili’s for getting me out of a toxic relationship.

The name of the day may change, although I do like the idea of using something only related to the initial confrontation as the name because it is miscommunication. Another more serious sounding name could be Partner Miscommunication Awareness Day. Yes, that can be the alternative name.

Here is more information about the holiday

  • Name of the holiday: Vanilla Wafer Day. It is also called Partner Miscommunication Awareness Day
  • When: March 25. Occurs annually.
  • Created by: Bailey E. (BeGraceful) on April 19, 2022

What Do We Do on Vanilla Wafers/Partner Miscommunication Day

On any day, and especially on March 25, make sure you inform your partner (if you do not have a partner, this can still be applied to self communication too) of any problems you are having in the relationship. Let them know of ways you think you can each adjust the relationship. Do not accept any mistreatment, and if you experience any, discuss it openly. I am not a qualified relationship counselor, but I would advise you get connected to one. There is no shame in getting help. I tried to get my partner and I into counseling, but they were very opposed to it. I don’t think it would have helped save our relationship, but it may save yours!

Open communication can save your relationships!

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